Website Launch

Released at: April 04, 2013
Contact: Neil Weare

We the People Project is now online, launching its new website, along with a social media presence on Twitter (@EqualNow) and a new Facebook page.

"Our goal is two-fold.  First, we hope to raise the visibility of Americans in U.S. territories and DC who are treated as second-class citizens because of where they live.  Second, we want to bring together Americans in the territories and DC around the goal of equal rights, wherever you live," Neil Weare, President of We the People Project, said.

"Working together, we can bring about real change," he added.

We the People Project's website includes an Equal Rights Pledge for people to demonstrate their support for achieving equal rights and ending the second-class status of Americans in the territories and DC.  It is available to be signed at 

Please follow us on Twitter (@EqualNow) and like us on Facebook to keep up with the latest.

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