Represent VI, Support Voting Rights!

REPVI_Logo_FIN_WHT.jpgThe U.S. Virgin Islands has been a part of the United States since 1917, nearly 100 years!

Since then, Virgin Islanders have participated in every major U.S. war, serving at rates higher than most states.  In Iraq and Afghanistan, the Virgin Islands’ casualty rate has been 300% the national average.  All told, more than 125,000 veterans live in the Virgin Islands and other U.S. territories!

Yet Virgin Islanders still can't vote for our President and Commander-in-Chief!

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Through pro-bono partnerships with national law firms, we are able to leverage every $25 contribution into more than $250 of impact!

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Checks may be made out to "We the People Project" and mailed to 1421 T ST. NW #10, Washington, DC 20009.

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