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The Insular Cases are a series of racist Supreme Court decisions that established a colonial framework of “separate and unequal” status for people living in U.S. territories.

As a result of the Insular Cases and the colonial framework they established, today the 3.6 million people who live U.S. territories continue to be treated like second-class citizens - denied equality in federal social safety net programs like SSI, Medicaid, and SNAP, while also lacking any political say in the federal laws they must follow.

The Insular Cases were shockingly racist - justifying the denial of constitutional rights in Puerto Rico, Guam, and other U.S. territories because their inhabitants were considered “half-civilized,” ''savage” and ''alien races.”

Despite all this, the U.S. Supreme Court has yet to overrule the Insular Cases, and the U.S. Justice Department continues to rely on them to deny equal rights in U.S. territories.

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