Guam Paper Endorses Right to Vote Campaign

The Pacific Daily News endorsed We the People Project's "Right to Vote" campaign in its July 4th editorial.

The momentum is building towards our goal of "Equal Rights, Wherever You Live!"  Read an excerpt of their editorial below, or the entire piece here.

Today is Independence Day, when we mark the decision of the Founding Fathers to break away from a tyrannical monarchy and establish our representative democracy.

The hallmark of our form of government is that it is of, for and by the people. We, the people, decide who will lead us in government, including who will serve us as president -- unless you are a U.S. citizen who's a resident of Guam or one of the other territories. Then you have no vote, and thus no voice, in who will lead the country.

. . .

The United States was founded on the principles of equal rights for all, and that everyone should have the right to participate in their government, including being able to vote for those who represent them in public office. It's wrong for the leading democracy in the world to continue to deny basic voting rights to citizens based on where they live.

The We the People Project is encouraging people to take a survey to help them make their case. The "Right to Vote" survey is available online at And people without Internet access, or those who prefer to complete the form in person, can contact Leevin Camacho at 477-8894/5.

We encourage people to take part in the survey with the aim to give residents of Guam and the other territories the same voting rights as U.S. citizens living elsewhere.

 We appreciate the Pacific Daily News' support of our efforts!

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