Born in American Samoa? Want to be recognized as a citizen without having to naturalize? Take this survey!

Flag_Day_2013_7.jpgIf you are born in a U.S. territory, shouldn't you have a right to U.S. citizenship? Based on a discriminatory law, people born in American Samoa are required to naturalize simply to be recognized as a U.S. citizen.  This has meant paying a $700 fee, taking a U.S. civics exam, undergoing a background check, and waiting up to a year or more.  Meanwhile, those born anywhere else in the United States - including other U.S. territories - are automatically citizens without having to naturalize.

Flag_Day_2013_8.jpgAt the same time, American Samoa has the highest rate of military service in the United States, with a casualty rate in Iraq and Afghanistan more than 7 times the national average. Meanwhile, a new U.S. Army policy denies American Samoan soldiers a security clearance and prohibits them from serving as officers.  This isn't just wrong, it's unconstitutional.  

Equally American is working with the LA-based Samoan Federation of America and the Southern Utah Pacific Islander Coalition to help American Samoans living throughout the 50 states enjoy the same rights and opportunities as other Americans, without having to pay any fees or take any tests. 

If you'd like to be recognized as a U.S. citizen, we'd like to hear from you! Take this quick 2-3 minute survey.  Take a look at our FAQ if you have questions.

Would you like to be recognized as a U.S. citizen without having to pay to naturalize?


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