Bordallo-Christensen Show Support for We the People Project

Congresswoman Bordallo (GU) and Congresswoman Christensen (VI) recently gathered on Capitol Hill with supporters from other U.S. territories and the District of Columbia to show their support for We the People Project.

Bordallo and Christensen, who serve as Honorary Advisory Board Members for We the People Project, were the honorary hosts for the event.  The evening served as an opportunity to build connections between people from Guam, the Virgin Islands, and other U.S. territories with residents of the District of Columbia, focusing on shared issues of disenfranchisement.  

Neil Weare, President of We the People Project, took the opportunity to thank Congresswoman Bordallo and Congresswoman Christensen for their leadership and support in helping promote solidarity among the nearly 5 million Americans who live in U.S. territories and the District of Columbia.  

Congresswoman Bordallo highlighted how residents of Guam and other U.S. territories have earned the right to vote through their military service - nearly 600 members of the Guam National Guard are currently serving in Afghanistan even as they and their families are unable to even vote for President.  Congresswoman Christensen emphasized the impact not having a vote has for her constituents on kitchen table issues like economic development and health care.  

Also in attendance was former Assistant Secretary of Insular Affairs Tony Babauta, who also serves on WTPP's Advisory Board.  


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