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  • Make Equal Rights Your New Years Resolution!

    How about making EQUAL RIGHTS your New Years Resolution?

  • Bill Clinton Supports Our Work, Will You?

    We the People Project has come a long way since launching in March.  One of the highlights though has to be Bill Clinton expressing his support for our work. 

  • Bordallo-Christensen Show Support for We the People Project

    Congresswoman Bordallo (GU) and Congresswoman Christensen (VI) recently gathered on Capitol Hill with supporters from other U.S. territories and the District of Columbia to show their support for We the People Project.

  • Virgin Islands Legislature Hosts Forum on Equal Rights

    Senate President Shawn-Michael Malone invites all legislative staff, senators and the general public to attend a special forum Thursday evening to learn more about efforts to ensure that those residing in U.S. territories are assured the same rights and opportunities as all other American citizens.

  • UPR-RP Lecture on Constitutional Rights in the Caribbean and the Pacific

    Does Congress have the power to turn birthright citizenship on and off in U.S. territories?  What do the Insular Cases mean for U.S. territories today?  These are just some of the questions that will be addressed on Wednesday, September 11th at UPR-Rio Piedras in a lecture by Neil Weare, President of We the People Project.  

  • DC Circuit Appeal—Tuaua: “If we are Americans, then why not citizens?”

    Appeal filed in landmark case arguing that the constitutional right of birthright citizenship extends throughout the territorial limits of the United States

    Leneuoti Tuaua is a proud American, born in American Samoa, a U.S. territory since 1900.  He is not recognized as a U.S. citizen, though, because a federal statute labels people born in American Samoa “nationals, but not citizens, of the United States.”  In Tuaua v. United States, he and others born in American Samoa seek recognition that the path to citizenship guaranteed by the Constitution – birth within the United States – cannot be redefined by Congress to exclude people born in U.S. territories.

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