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  • WaPo LTE on Right to Vote: "Everyone Really Should Mean Everyone"

    The Washington Post recently published a Letter to the Editor by Neil Weare, President of We the People Project, making the case for full voting rights for the nearly 5 million Americans living in the District of Columbia and U.S. territories.

  • Landmark Citizenship Case to Have Full Hearing Before D.C. Circuit

    Leneuoti Tuaua and five other plaintiffs who are challenging federal laws that deny U.S. citizenship to people born in American Samoa will have their day in court, now that the D.C. Circuit has denied the Government’s request to summarily affirm a district judge’s earlier dismissal of the case.  

  • Fighting for Democracy, But Can't Vote for President

    President Obama said in his 2013 State of the Union Address that "we are betraying our ideals" when any American is denied the right to vote because of where they live. This month, as President Obama prepares once again to address the nation, nearly 600 soldiers from Guam are returning home after a nine-month deployment in Afghanistan. While these patriotic Americans answered the call to defend democracy overseas, they are denied democracy at home. When the 2016 General Election rolls around, they will be unable to vote for President and will only elect a non-voting Delegate to Congress.

  • 223 More Guam Soldiers Home From Afghanistan

    A second wave of 223 Guam soldiers recently returned home from Afghanistan, bringing the total number up to nearly 600.  Several dozen soldiers from Guam who are serving in other units on a different mission remain.

  • Honoring the Life and Legacy of Ben Blaz

    Yesterday the Honorable Vicente “Ben” Blaz, a man who I have affectionately known as “The General” for many years, passed away. I feel fortunate to have visited him in the hospital this week and shared stories and memories of his life with his family. And what an amazing life it was.

  • U.S. Citizens Defend Democracy, Can't Vote for President

    Early Sunday, 280 Guam soldiers were welcomed home by thousands of family and friends following a nine-month deployment in Afghanistan.

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