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  • After 113 Years, American Samoans Still Waiting for Citizenship

    On April 17, American Samoa celebrates the 113th Anniversary of being part of the United States.  Samoa News, the major newspaper in American Samoa, recently published an op-ed by American Samoan Attorney Charles V. Ala'ilima, co-counsel in Tuaua v. United States, that examines American Samoa's historical relationship with the United States and what it means for the recognition of American Samoans as full citizens.  Some excerpts follow, the full piece is available here.

  • Obama Gives Attention to Puerto Rico Status Issues

    President Obama’s budget request this year includes $2.5 million to help move forward the issue of Puerto Rico’s relationship with the United States.  This comes on the heels of a 2012 Referendum in Puerto Rico that some see as inconclusive and others see as a clear victory for statehood, depending on who you ask.

    It is exciting to see President Obama continue to make these issues a priority.  In 2009, Obama pledged Puerto Ricans that he would work to resolve the island’s status.  In 2010, a Presidential Task Force issued a report with concrete recommendations on how to move forward. 

  • Website Launch

    We the People Project is now online, launching its new website www.equalrightsnow.org. We also have a social media presence on Twitter (@EqualNow) and a new Facebook page.

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