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  • Obama Gives Attention to Puerto Rico Status Issues

    President Obama’s budget request this year includes $2.5 million to help move forward the issue of Puerto Rico’s relationship with the United States.  This comes on the heels of a 2012 Referendum in Puerto Rico that some see as inconclusive and others see as a clear victory for statehood, depending on who you ask.

    It is exciting to see President Obama continue to make these issues a priority.  In 2009, Obama pledged Puerto Ricans that he would work to resolve the island’s status.  In 2010, a Presidential Task Force issued a report with concrete recommendations on how to move forward. 

  • Website Launch

    We the People Project is now online, launching its new website www.equalrightsnow.org. We also have a social media presence on Twitter (@EqualNow) and a new Facebook page.

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