Bill Clinton Supports Our Work, Will You?

We the People Project has come a long way since launching in March.  One of the highlights though has to be Bill Clinton expressing his support for our work. 

Neil_Weare_with_Bill_Clinton_(small).jpgAs fellow alumni of Yale Law School, I had the chance to speak with President Clinton in October during my law school reunion - he was attending along with his wife Hillary who was receiving a special alumni award.  I told him that residents of U.S. territories would love the opportunity to vote for his wife should she choose to run in 2016.  He responded unequivocally that he supports the rights of Americans living in U.S. territories to vote for President.  I told him about We the People Project and he wished us well as we work towards achieving equal rights and representation for all Americans, wherever they live.  

It's absolutely amazing to have the support of Bill Clinton.  But we also need your support!  I hope you'll consider making a year-end charitable contribution to We the People Project. You can donate now here.

To help us meet our year-end fundraising goal of $10,000, we have received a challenge grant to match dollar-for-dollar all contributions made during the month of December up to $2,500.  Because we partner with law firms on a pro bono basis, we are able to leverage every $1 we receive into over $5 of impact.  So through the end of the year, every $100 donation will mean $1,000 of impact!  CONTRIBUTE HERE.

Your donations will help support groundbreaking impact litigation that is making the headlines across the United States (see here).  Our impact litigation is helping to draw national attention and build pressure for finally bringing an end to the second-class status of Americans who live in U.S. territories and DC.  

Please give generously.  Every dollar we receive is well spent to achieve our mission of “Equal rights, wherever you live.”  Whether you can afford $50, $100, or $500, your contribution will be DOUBLED. DONATE HERE.Thank you for your support!

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