Stand Up For American Samoan Soldiers Facing Discrimination

American Samoans are proud of their military service, having earned that right through casualty rates in Iraq and Afghanistan that are more than seven times the national average.

That’s what makes a new policy by the U.S. Army that unfairly singles out American Samoan soldiers for discriminatory treatment so painful.

This is serious. We have to take action now.

The new policy will strip the security clearance of American Samoan soldiers who are recognized as “nationals” rather than citizens, severely limiting any opportunities for advancement. It also prohibits American Samoans who are “nationals” from serving as officers.

Equally American is committed to ensuring that American Samoans soldiers are provided the same opportunities and recognized as the equals of anyone in uniform. That is why we are challenging this new policy and fighting so that American Samoans can be recognized as U.S. citizens without having to go through the naturalization process.

Please sign our petition now. American Samoa has a proud history of patriotic military service to the United States. That history of service should be praised, not insulted.

Petition To Support American Samoan Soldiers Facing Discrimination

American Samoan soldiers have earned the right to be treated the same as their fellow service members. The U.S. Army should immediately stop its discriminatory policy and recognize that American Samoan soldiers are entitled to equal treatment as U.S. citizens. No one born on U.S. soil should be required to naturalize just to enjoy the same rights and opportunities as other Americans, most especially those who have volunteered to serve.

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