“We the People Project” Now “Equally American”

Rebrand Comes as Non-Profit Expands Advocacy for Residents of U.S. Territories.

“We the People Project,” a non-profit founded in 2013 to advance equality and civil rights in U.S. territories, recently changed its name to “Equally American.”

“For the last five years we have been working to end the second-class status of Americans living in U.S. territories, so we wanted to have that mission reflected more directly in our name,” said Neil Weare, a Yale Law School-trained civil rights attorney who grew up in Guam.

“Recent national attention to U.S. territories following Hurricanes Maria and Irma and North Korea’s nuclear threats to Guam create an unprecedented opportunity to make the case that it is time to treat the 4 million citizens living in U.S. territories as ‘Equally American,’” Weare added.

Equally American’s motto is “Equal rights, wherever you live.” This reflects the belief that where you live or what your zip code is shouldn’t determine your rights as a U.S. citizen.

The rebranding is part of a broader effort to expand the non-profit’s advocacy for equality and civil rights in U.S. territories, both inside and outside the courtroom. In the coming weeks, Equally American will have some big announcements related to its work.

People can follow Equally American’s work online at www.EquallyAmerican.org, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/EquallyAmerican/, or on Twitter, @EquallyAmerican.

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